Congregational Care Resource Survey

Dear Grace Church Family,

As we formally organize the Congregational Care Ministry at Grace Church, we do so recognizing that God has already been working through many of you to care for others in our congregation. Our goal as a team is to further develop and organize that kind of care, not replace it.

To that end we have designed this brief Congregational Care Resource Survey, which will enable us to assist the deacons by matching resources within the Grace family to needs within the Grace family.  Please complete it even if you have completed something like it in the past (this one is new!). Check all that apply and be sure to indicate your general day/time availability at the end.

Two thoughts before you start the survey: First, please recognize that it is ok to ask for help! As you read through the survey you may see areas where you have need. Please email or contact the church office and we’ll assist in any way we can. And second, remember that you are not volunteering for a second or third job by marking days and times you are available! We are looking for times you are generally available to offer occasional help.

Thank you!
The Congregational Care Team