As we’ve already said, all are welcome to join with us to worship God—this includes children of all ages. Please feel welcome to have your children worship with us in the sanctuary. We also provide the following classes for children in 3rd Grade and younger.


During the worship service, the nursery is available for children ages 2 and younger. If you are visiting with us, please expect to spend several minutes checking your child in at the nursery and filling out paperwork to help us provide the utmost care for your child.

children's worship

Children’s Worship is available for a portion of the service. Preschoolers’ Worship (ages 3-K) meets in Room 102 and Primary Worship (grades 1-3) in Room 101. You may walk your child down to class during the offertory (an announcement will be made to signal the beginning of the classes). These classes are designed to help prepare and transition the children into congregational worship, with elements such as singing and a lesson. Some children make this transition quickly, while others need a little more time. Wherever you find your child to be in the process at the moment, know that we have been there and we welcome you and your child.