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Helping Grace to Blossom

"The planting of the Lord that he might be glorified" - Isaiah 61:3

How you can help Grace to Blossom

Over the past four years, members and friends of Grace have been supporting the vision of helping Grace Church find a permanent home at 805 Blossom Road. People have given of their time, talents, expertise, and money.  We are in the home stretch of our "Helping Grace to Blossom" campaign, with our final payment being made in the spring of 2019.

We will be celebrating paying off our mortgage with a Fellowship Lunch on March 3!

On January 27, 2019, we had a brief update on the status of Helping Grace to Blossom. Included below are some of the key points from the meeting as well as materials made available at the meeting.

  • The Grace to Blossom fund will remain active upon payoff of the mortgage. It will henceforth be dedicated to capital improvements and major repairs, as necessary to maintain our property's value and attractiveness.

  • A number of near-term and term expenditures have been identified, and some are significant (see Grace Church Building Needs below).  So, your continued support of the Grace to Blossom fund is necessary. You may write "Grace to Blossom" in the memo portion of your check, or designate your other contribution in a similar way.

  • The Deacons appreciate your suggestions, comments, and questions.

  • The project currently on-deck involves putting down nearly 4000 sq ft of vinyl planking on top of the aging asbestos tile found on much of our lower level.  Areas targeted for this improvement are those most utilized, including three Sunday School rooms, Rooms 100 and 106, and the N/W and E/W main hallways. Materials have been ordered, and the work is expected to get underway in February. The goal is to do as much of the work as possible by ourselves, in order to save money. This includes preparatory work which includes some painting, floor leveling, and removal of old floor moldings. Then, installation of the planking.

PowerPoint Slides from the meeting

Grace Church Building Needs, with projected costs, timeline, etc.