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Report from the 2017 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America:  Women Serving in the Ministry of the Church

The Presbyterian Church in America is joyfully and confessionally committed to the Bible's teaching on the complementarity of men and women. As a denomination, we believe that this teaching is true, good, and beautiful. We affirm the full dignity of men and women as created in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-28). We also humbly and happily embrace Scripture’s clear teaching that the eldership is to be composed of qualified men (1 Tim. 2:12; 3:1-7; 15 5:17), who are entrusted by Christ with the ministry of the authoritative teaching and ruling of the church for the building up of the whole body (Eph. 4:11-13). In marriage, this mutually-edifying complementarity is displayed when a Christian husband expresses his responsibility of headship in sacrificial love to his wife (Eph. 5:23-31) and when a Christian wife welcomes her husband's headship with respect (Eph. 5:22-24, 33).

Within this framework of our common and principled commitment to complementarianism as defined by our confessional standards and polity, the 44th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America approved the formation of a study committee on the issue of women serving in the church’s ministry in ways that are consistent with those standards. The General Assembly directed the moderator to appoint a committee of competent men and women who represent the diversity of opinions within the PCA. This diversity of opinions refers not to the inclusion of views out of accord with our confessional position but regards a number of subsidiary matters such as the role of women in diaconal ministry; the best way to promote the use of women's gifts and ministry in the church; in what settings is it appropriate for women to teach; whether deacons ought to be ordained; what the nature of the diaconal office is; whether women may serve on denominational boards and agencies, and the like.

Women in Leadership at Grace Church

The Session of Grace Church receives and affirms as biblical the basic position of the PCA denomination that the ordained leadership of the church, comprised of elders and deacons, is open only to qualified men, called by the members of their congregations. The Session additionally has discussed and affirmed the theological affirmations of The Danvers Statement, 50 Crucial Questions and Bruce Ware’s Summaries of Egalitarian and Complementarian Positions 1 and fully supports the participation of women in complementary positions of church leadership and service

Infant Baptism:  How My Mind Has Changed by Dennis E. Johnson

"In 1994 one of our daughters, while away from home attending college, asked me to explain the rationale I saw in God's Word for baptizing the infant children of believers. Since I was a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church when she and her siblings were born, they had all been baptized as infants; but now she was interacting with Christian brothers and sisters from other traditions through campus Christian ministry and other friendships, and many of them believed that the baptism of infants is not Christian baptism as it is established by Christ in the New Testament. In a slightly revised form, this is what I wrote to her..."