Our Sunday School classes meet Sunday mornings at 9:15 am. We have classes for adults, youth, and children, with the purpose to help participants grow and mature as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Spring Quarter begins on Sunday, March 4.

Children & Youth Sunday School

SS Preschool

The Children’s Sunday School provides a nursery for children ages 3 and under and graded classes for 4-year-olds through high school. Please see below for specific classroom locations as well as current curricula.

Nursery (Children ages 3 and under) – Room 204

Primary (ages 4-5 and Grade 1) – Jesus Is the Savior Learn that Jesus was sent because of God's great love Room 101

Grades 2-4 – Telling Others  Stories from the book of Acts – Room 109

Grades 5-8 – Promises, Promises All about the covenant – Room 112

Grades 9-12 – Identity and Purpose  Asking questions like: "Who am I and where am I going?", "Is work a gift or a curse?", "Is marriage relevant?" – Room 110

Special attention is given to the safety and security of our children. All classes are taught by teachers who have undergone an application and screening process.


Adult Sunday School

Each quarter we offer two classes:  one is a study of a portion of scripture, the other is often a topical study of current interest in light of God’s word.

Our current classes are:

New Testament Survey #2

In our concluding quarter of our New Testament Survey, RC Sproul in his Dust to Glory overview of the Bible will take us from Pentecost in Acts through Revelation.  This one-quarter study of most of the New Testament can provide an excellent introduction to (or review of) parts you may be less-familiar with.  But it’s primary value is in presenting them in their larger historical and theological contexts, and providing a strategic perspective on the formation and teachings of the New Testament scriptures, which aides both our recall and understanding of New Testament passages we read, and our ability to apply them to everyday situations.

Each class will begin with a video lecture by R.C. Sproul, followed by a guided discussion of the portion of the New Testament covered. If you haven’t attended the earlier quarters of our New Testament Survey series, no problem.  Although this portion of scripture obviously builds on the Gospels and the book of Acts (as well as on the whole Old Testament!), what you need to know will be provided. Sproul is known and valued for his clear and interesting presentations, and our discussion will be formed around the needs and interests of the class participants.

Facilitated by Carl Schauffele

Creeds, Councils, and Confessions

In 1 Timothy the Apostle Paul describes the Church as “the pillar and buttress of truth”. The Church, in every generation, is the means by which God upholds and supports the truth in the world. This truth has been revealed by the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures and has been entrusted to us. Throughout history, even in our own generation, many have sought to subvert the truth and corrupt the Church through false teaching. In response, the Church has held councils, written creeds, and adopted confessions in order to clarify and defend the truth.

Join us this quarter as we use Justin Holcomb’s book Know: The Creeds and Councils to consider the examples of the past, study the truth for today, and embrace our call to guard the deposit entrusted to us.

Facilitated by Eric Walter